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Unsung Tunes (Giclee)

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  • Unsung Tunes (Giclee)
  • Unsung Tunes (Giclee)

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Item # 2496.01
Type Limited Edition
Studio Warner Bros.
Media Giclee
Medium Archival Paper
Edition Size 500
Character(s) A. Flea, Baby Faced Finster/Ant Hill Harry, Bacon Little Pig, Batty, Beaky Buzzard, Bertie, Cecil Turtle, Charlie Dog, Chester, Claude Cat, Eggbert, Egghead, Gossamer, Groovy Little Pig, Ham Little Pig, Henery Hawk, Hubie, Junyer, Mac (Goofy Gopher), Mandrake, Marc Antony, Miss Prissy, Momma Bear, Mot, Mrs. Sylvester, Mugsy, Papa Bear, Pete Puma, Playboy Penguin, Pussyfoot, Ralph Phillips, Redhot Ryder, Rocky, Sam Sheepdog, Spike, The Bookworm, The Crusher, The Do-Do Bird, Tosh (Goofy Gopher), Witch Hazel
Studio Edition Status Currently Available