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Maya Gohill

Maya Gohill

Maya grew up in Calgary.  She spent a chunk of her life living abroad, and eventually returned to her hometown where she now currently lives.

She has two degrees, a Bachelor's degree in Painting from the University of Calgary, and a Master's degree in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  Despite her more recent training as an illustrator, she consistently returns to the luscious beauty of the oil painting medium.  In her heart she will always be a painter.  Her illustration background informs her current work, both in style and process, but her technical training in realistic, figurative, painting, remains a pivotal part of her work. She sees her work as a marriage between the two disciplines.

She gains inspiration from life, beauty, childhood, literature, music and nature. Her work can be found in anthologies such as Star Wars Art: Visions, in art collections throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East, and has been credited with awards from institutions such as the New York Society of Illustrators. When she's not in her studio she can be found teaching at the Alberta College of Art & Design.

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