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Sharp Brothers

Currently based in Sydney, Australia the Sharp Brothers started their careers in animation. While still in High School Joe began by working at Yoram Gross/Forest Interactive while Rob was working at Walt Disney Animation Australia. They re-united together at Walt Disney AA where they continued working for three more years as animators, lay-out artists and designers on projects such as Aladdin 2 and 3, The Lion King 2, The Goofy Movie and Gargoyles. Gaining invaluable experience working in the large studio environment.

When they formed Sharp Brothers Studio they primarily focused our energies on producing comic books and illustrations for the international market on such titles as Games Workshop's Warhammer, Warhammer 40 000, Big Bang for Image Comics and Dungeons and Dragons Campaign books.

Concurrently this lead them to the world of pro-wrestling where they helped write and design the WCW/WWF wrestler the Ultimate Warrior's comeback in 1998. They worked closely with him helping write dialogue and storylines for the popular Monday Night Nitro show. Meanwhile they also produced Flash animation for a variety of sites. Their short The Odyssey placed first in the Best Animated Commercial category at the World Internet Animation Competition hosted by Shockwave.com.

Driving for more opportunities outside of illustration and comic books they have been the designers for local toy company Peter Fish Toys for over 5 years, where they helped launch and brand the hugely successful "Catch-A-Bubble" across the globe. They have also worked with Hyperchild designing and providing turnaround artwork for their Hong Kong based line of manga inspired Marvel action figures - Marvel Saga.

In the field of video games they have done character and concept design for Evolution Games PC projects, Iridon X-Box and PC games and also a number of designs and promotional artwork for Legendo's upcoming "Nintendo WiiWare" titles amongst many others.

They are also known for producing artwork, visuals and animatics for various advertising agencies here in Australia working on campaigns ranging from international beers to womens underwear.

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