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  • Mickey's Christmas Carol Suite

    This is a limited edition of 500 hand-painted character cels from the 1983 short animated film "Mickey's Christmas Carol." This is one of a series of selected limited editions of original artwork from animated Disney classics.

    Since the original cels used in the production of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" are no longer available, the Studio has recreated the artwork, using special techniques. Animation pencil drawings were transferred to acetate plastic "cels" by a special Xerox process. The colors are Disney-created acrylic-based paints that were hand-applied by Disney painters.

    The background scene for this cel has been faithfully reproduced by a Disney background artist, using as reference material original "Mickey's Christmas Carol" background paintings, sketches and frames from the film. The final result has been printed on high-quality paper.

    The two cel set-ups from "Mickey's Christmas Carol" are from:

    Sequence 1, Scene 33: On Christmas Eve day, after reluctantly granting Bob Cratchit, his overworked and under paid employee, Christmas Day off, Ebenezer Scrooge sits at his desk counting his money.

    Sequence 4, Scene 241: While Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present look on. Bob Cratchit and two of the children decorate the Christmas tree while Mrs. Cratchit watches.

    Each cel image is 16"w x 12"h.  Both arrive FRAMED.

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3 Item(s)

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