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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the Star Club?

A: The Star Club is a collector program available through Barker Animation which allows for the following benefits:

-The Star Club Discount*

-Insider Information On New Releases

-Exclusive Star Club Member Promotions And Events

-Advance Notice On All Special Events

To join Barker Animation’s Star Club, please click here.**

*Exact terms and conditions of the discounts are determined by contractual obligations with the production studio in question and Star Club Membership standing. (The Art of Dr. Seuss does NOT apply.) Please contact a gallery associate for additional details.

**Barker Animation respects your privacy and will never ask for personal information in an email advertisement or sell your email address to a third party. 


Q: How do I obtain a price for and/or acquire an item not currently available for online purchase?

A: Multiple options are available:

Call or email our Connecticut Gallery (1-800-995-2357 or gallery@barkeranimation.com) to speak to a member of our knowledgeable sales staff.


Utilize the “Request a Quote” button on any individual item page.


Visit a Barker Animation Art Gallery in person.  For a list of our locations, click here.

All phone and email inquiries are answered during regular business hours – Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am through 5:00 pm (EST).


Q: What payment options are available for phone orders?

A: Our gallery accepts the following methods of payment:

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)

Personal Check

Money Order



*Certain restrictions apply.  Please discuss with your salesperson at the time of inquiry.


Q: Do you offer layaway for art purchases?

A: Yes, Barker Animation is happy to offer interest-free layaway for our customers' convenience!  Layaway artwork is secured on the customer's behalf once a minimum 25% deposit* has been provided.  A payment must be applied to the account once per calendar month (via our Automatic Payment Program); with the remaining balance paid-in-full within ten consecutive calendar months of the initial deposit.  Extensions and/or allowances can be made, however are determined on a case-by-case basis at the full discretion of Barker Animation. (Extension requests must be submitted in writing to Barker Animation prior to account default.)

Monthly statements will NOT be provided by Barker Animation; however a detailed layaway summary can be provided upon request.  It is the customer's sole responsibility to notify Barker Animation of any/all credit card, name, billing address, shipping address, phone, and/or email address changes/updates. In the event an on-file payment method is declined, Barker Animation will attempt to notify the customer ONCE via the phone and/or email address on file.

Customers will only be notified by postal service if the account is at risk of default due to non-payment.  Failure to submit payment on any layaway account after three consecutive calendar months (without an approved extension allowance) will be considered abandonment, with both artwork and all paid monies forfeited due to non-compliance.  Artwork will be released for pick-up or shipment once the account has been paid in full.  Layaway purchases are considered FINAL - NO returns, exchanges, and/or refunds will be permitted.

By providing Barker Animation with a layaway deposit, you approve and agree to these stated terms.

For further information about our layaway program, please speak to a member of our sales staff.

*40% on Archive Requests, 50% on Commissions.  Deposits are non-refundable or transferable.


Q: How long will you hold my artwork after a purchase has been made?

A: Paid in Full (PIF) artwork can be temporarily stored at our Cheshire, CT Gallery, subject to the following terms:

In-Stock Artwork

In-stock artwork that is PIF at time of purchase will be stored in the Cheshire, CT Gallery for 30 days, starting from date of purchase.

Special Order Artwork

Special Ordered artwork, including Pre-Orders, that are PIF at time of purchase will be stored in the Cheshire, CT Gallery for 30 days, starting from date of fulfillment.

Artwork Purchased Via Layaway

Artwork purchased via layaway will be stored in the Cheshire, CT Gallery for the entire length of the layaway term.  Artwork will remain stored in the Cheshire, CT Gallery for 30 additional days, starting from date of balance finalization.

If arrangements have not been made for PIF artwork to be picked-up or shipped at end of 30-day term, artwork will be transferred to long-term Corporate Office Paid Storage.  Customers will bear sole responsibility for all fees, subject to a rate of $10.00 per calendar month per piece of artwork.  A minimum advance notice of two business days is REQUIRED for artwork to be pulled from long-term Corporate Office Paid Storage for shipment or pick-up.  A storage fee invoice will be prepared at time of notification and immediate payment will be required in order for Barker Animation to release artwork.


Q: What shipping options do you offer?

A: Available shipping services are determined by the delivery address in question.  For items being delivered to a location within the continental United States, rates are automatically quoted for ground service delivery (UPS Ground or FedEx Home Delivery).  For expedited shipping and/or addresses located outside of the continental United States, please contact a member of our sales staff for pricing and availability.


Q: Do you purchase from the secondary market?

A: Barker Animation does not purchase from the secondary market, nor do we sell on consignment.  All of the artwork offered at Barker Animation comes DIRECTLY from the production studio in question.


Q: Do you appraise artwork?

A: Barker Animation only appraises artwork that has been purchased directly from one of our Galleries.  If interested in obtaining an appraisal for artwork that has been purchased from Barker Animation, please email the following information to gallery@barkeranimation.com.  Provided data will be directly compared to Barker Animation’s sales records for accuracy and any discrepancies will be addressed prior to issuance of the final appraisal.

- Requestor’s First and Last Name

- Requestor’s Email Address and Phone Number

- Purchaser’s First and Last Name (If Different)

- A List of Title(s) and Applicable Edition Numbers(s) Of The Artwork Needing Appraisal

- Type of Appraisal Needed (Emailed PDF or Mailed Hard-Copy)


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Items that are paid-in-full at the time of purchase are subject to the following:

In-Stock Artwork*

A request to return the artwork must be received within two business days of (a) pick-up or (b) delivery.  If the item is returned in perfect condition, Barker Animation will either: (a) issue a refund, (b) issue a store credit or (c) permit an exchange.  All shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Special Orders*

Returns or exchanges are not permitted on artwork that has been ordered specifically for your purchase. This includes pre-orders, drop-ships, custom framed pieces, back-orders, and/or all other items not in-stock at the time of your purchase.

*Not applicable on artwork purchased via layaway.  Layaway purchases are considered FINAL - NO returns, exchanges, and/or refunds will be permitted.