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Charles M. Schulz: Pop Culture in Peanuts

Barker Animation Art Galleries is proud to co-sponsor "Pop Culture in Peanuts", the largest expedition of Charles M. Schulz original PEANUTS drawings ever exhibited outside the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. The exhibit is housed at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (ACCH) in Hollywood, Florida. It features 70 original cartoon strips spanning nearly five decades by the legendary Charles M. Schulz.

Also presented at the ACCH, Barker Animation Art Galleries has installed a collection of PEANUTs themed artwork that is available to the public for purchase. The collection features Bill Melendez Productions' original production art, limited edition sericels and limited edition hand painted cels. Lithograph reproductions of Charles M. Schulz comic strips are also included in our collection.

A percentage of the proceeds from all sales goes to the ACCH.

Click here to view the full selection of PEANUTS artwork available from our galleries.